Black Millennial Mom Podcast

Cedes sits down with two moms, Marrisa and Shauntavia, who work in local law enforcement. From 14-hour shifts to dispatch calls, these moms take the streets head-on daily and put their lives on the line, all while having children at home. They discuss what it’s like being a millennial parent in today’s times and choosing a high-stress profession.

On this episode of Black Millennial Mom, Cedes chats with firefighters Javon Mays, Brittany Raday, and Marcus Palmer about how they have successfully juggled one of the most extreme careers while raising young children. While Javon’s, Brittany’s, and Marcus’s jobs are more intense than others, their take on parenting may sound familiar as you really don’t know what it is like until you live it.

This Black Millennial Mom Podcast episode highlights the struggles and successes these nurses, Ashley Bingham and Brittany Ramirez, have experienced throughout their careers as moms to young children. From schooling to COVID, these nurses showcase the good and bad the healthcare field brings to you while being a parent.

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