Putting Out Fires and Raising Children

Written by on May 16, 2024

Putting Out Fires and Raising Children at the Same Time! Literally

On this episode of the Black Millennial Mom Podcast, we’re diving into the lives of three amazing Denver firefighters who also happen to be parents: Marcus, Britney, and Javon. They’ll share how they navigate the demanding world of firefighting while being super parents.

Marcus was inspired to become a firefighter by his son’s love for PAW Patrol, while Britney found out she was pregnant just before starting the academy. Javon made the switch from customer service to firefighting to spend more time with his family.

These firefighters rely on strong support systems, whether it’s their spouses or fellow crew members. Balancing work and family involves unique schedules, with 24-hour shifts followed by precious family time.

Despite the challenges, they find joy in seeing their kids smile after a tough day on the job. Their advice? Expect the unexpected, lean on your support network, and cherish the blessings.

Tune in to the Black Millennial Mom Podcast for more inspiring stories!

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