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Written by on June 20, 2024

Balancing the duties of raising children and maintaining law and order

In the latest episode of the Black Millenial Mom Podcast, Cedes sits down with two remarkable moms, Marrisa and Shauntavia, who juggle their roles in local law enforcement with their responsibilities as parents. Working 14-hour shifts and responding to dispatch calls, these women confront the dangers of the streets daily, demonstrating an incredible balance between their demanding careers and family lives. Despite the high stakes of their profession, Marrisa and Shauntavia manage to be present and nurturing figures at home, embodying the resilience and dedication required to thrive in both arenas.

The conversation delves into the unique challenges and rewards of being a millennial parent in today’s world while navigating a high-stress job. Marrisa and Shauntavia share their experiences, shedding light on the realities of their dual roles and the sacrifices they make for their families and communities. Their stories offer a powerful testament to the strength and determination of mothers who choose to protect and serve, highlighting the importance of support systems and the profound impact of their work both at home and on the streets.

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