The Black Millennial Mom Podcast | Season 2

Written by on April 25, 2024

The Black Millennial Mom Podcast | Season 2

Superhero Moms by Day and Life-Saving Nurses by Night

This Black Millennial Mom Podcast episode highlights the struggles and successes these nurses, Ashley Bingham and Brittany Ramirez, have experienced throughout their careers as moms to young children. From schooling to COVID, these nurses showcase the good and bad the healthcare field brings to you while being a parent.

Ya Girl Cedes sat down with these two superheroes who spill the tea on the highs, lows, and the messy in-betweens of nursing while raising kids.

Ashley dives into the whirlwind of long-term care and motherhood, where night shifts and toddler tantrums become a daily grind. While nursing may flash the allure of a fat paycheck, Ashley shines a light on the real deal: endless hours and personal trade-offs often hidden behind the scrubs. Brittany, whose journey through nursing school felt like double-dutch jump rope, balancing textbooks, part-time gigs, and kiddo care. She swears by the power of a supportive village, even if it means moving back in with mom for a smoother ride.

In the hectic world of parenting-nurses, community becomes the secret sauce. From speed-dialing family for backup to sharing one-bedroom digs, Ashley and Brittany show us that behind every great nurse is an even greater support system. But it’s not all heart emojis and band-aids; they spill on the emotional toll, from tough decisions during outbreaks to soul-searching moments after patient loss. Yet, amidst the chaos, they find silver linings: Ashley swaps out stress for syringes in cosmetic injecting, while Brittany crafts her own gig in home health, scoring that elusive work-life harmony. So, to all aspiring nurses with a diaper bag on one arm and a stethoscope on the other, take note: nursing’s no cakewalk, but with patience, sacrifice, and a village of support, the journey’s worth every messy, miraculous moment.

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