Ya Girl Cedes – The Black Millennial Mom Podcast Episode 1

Written by on October 19, 2022

In this episode, Mercedes breaks down the meaning behind the Black Millennial Mom podcast. She sits down with friends Sonia Gutierrez and Michelle Kim and discusses their journey with children during the pandemic and how many of their struggles are similar.

*An Important Note for Parents and Caregivers Before Tuning In: This is a space where parents can be themselves and conversations on this podcast tend to get a tad bit spicy and we maybe even add some colorful language from time to time. If your little ones are around this might be the time to slip on those headphones or wait until they are not in the same room as you.

The Black Millennial Mom podcast, hosted by radio personality Ya Girl Cedes on 104.7 THE DROP, focuses on showcasing the struggles and the authentic beauty of a generation of mothers and fathers who share their parenthood journeys. While the guest on each show varies from public figures, to colleagues, to celebrities, the message is the same – no one has parenting all figured out! Resources and opportunities to connect with others going through these experiences are not only needed, but very much appreciated. As significant topics are surfaced through these conversations, RMPBS KIDS invites diverse early childhood professionals working with parents and children in Colorado to come on the show to share their take on the issue, local resources, and to express what they love about this generation of parents.

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