Therapy Thursday – New Hip Hop Album Helping Kids with Trauma

Written by on February 23, 2023

Today on Therapy Thursday, Healthy Kids Health World, LLC co-founder Gina Parker and hip-hop artist, Tyler, visited the studio to talk about a new hip-hop album for kids and families experiencing trauma.

The album, called “Songs For Healthy Kids, Vol. 1”, is a research-based project that brings together the partnership of incredible beats and meaningful, uplifting lyrics that help children stay regulated emotionally and physically throughout their day, regardless of factors outside of their control. Through edifying beats and positive affirmations, Songs for Healthy Kids, Vol. 1 promotes fact-based scientific research via music as a vital mental health tool with lyrics designed to ease and inspire the mind and body. You can check out the album through SpotifyApple Music, and iTunes streaming services.

Listen to the interview:

The whole concept behind this tracklist, in my mind, was to prepare kids for the day with positive affirmations and then teach them how to get through the day. Sometimes, as adults, we have music that helps us get through certain periods of life, and I think it could be the same here for the kids. For example, having “I Love Myself” follow right after “Good Day” is to have them prepare to have a good day and then reaffirm how special they all are and how important that is. Same kind of concept with “Emotions” preceding “Breathe” so they can recognize all the emotions they have and how to deal with them by deep breathing. – Artist JB

Dr. Bruce Perry, the Principal of the Neurosequential Network and Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy, says that the beauty of hip hop music and rhythmic activities in multiple domains is that the combination of a cognitive, relational, and a regulatory rhythm makes it a very powerful tool to use in therapy, and in teaching. In Dr. Perry’s new book co-authored with Oprah Winfrey, What Happened to You?, Dr. Bruce Perry states, “Rhythm is essential to a healthy body and healthy mind.”

This recording project was created with every child in mind, but especially for the child experiencing trauma. Trauma can leave a child stuck in a dysregulated state – always alert to potential or perceived danger. Hip-hop music helps regulate the stress response systems in the brain and bring the body into balance. When a child is in balance and regulated, it makes them feel safe, gives a sense of belonging, and helps them focus on learning. Every child needs access to Songs for Healthy Kids. – Founder of Healthy Kids Healthy World, Gina Parker

About Healthy Kids Healthy World LLC:

Healthy Kids Healthy World LLC is a newly formed social enterprise, is dedicated to providing kids, families, and communities impacted by trauma with the tools, resources, and relationships they need to heal and build healthy lives. HKHW’s goal is to create a healthier world by helping to alleviate the long-term effects of trauma.

Healthy Kids Healthy World LLC seeks to revolutionize how we approach trauma informed care within families and our communities. Coming soon HKHW will provide a web-based/digital curriculum that illuminates the pathway to healing and health for kids and parents experiencing trauma.

HKHW’s main objective is to help as many children as possible become the healthiest version of themselves. The founders believe that – healthy kids and healthy parents lead to healthy families – healthy families lead to healthy communities – healthy communities lead to a healthy world.

Check out their websiteInstagram, or Facebook  to learn more and stay up-to-date!



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