The MileHigh Countdown Show

Hosted by Unique

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Saturday 10:00 am 11:59 am

The MileHigh Countdown Show

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People should tune in to my show because I'm setting those happy vibes for you early in the morning. Introducing you to...
THE DROP online team had a chance to catch up with on-air personality Unique! We wanted to know more about his weekend show so we managed to score an interview. Check it out below!
Interview Question 1: Unique, what should people expect from your weekend show?
Response: “I countdown the top 10 songs in the MileHigh city voted on by you the listener!”
Interview Question 2: Is it new music only?
Response: “Lots of brand new music but old school record can make it to the countdown show as well.”
Interview Question 3: What makes your weekend show special?
Response: “The MileHigh countdown is something that I wanted to do for the people. It’s nice to have a countdown show but I wanna know what the city is listening to, so I decided to come up with a countdown show. Something authentic something for the people!”
Interview Question 4: Why should people tune into The MileHigh Countdown Show?
Response: “People should tune in to my show because I’m setting those happy vibes for you early in the morning. Introducing you to brand new music or taking you down memory lane of songs you haven’t heard in a long time or even songs you may forgotten about.”
Interview Question 5: How can we participate?
Response: It’s pretty easy for you to get involved by going to our the countdown page on our website HERE!

The MileHigh Countdown Show!

Thanks to Unique for taking the time to sit and chat with us! He’s got us all hype for the results! Go ahead and submit your vote NOW by clicking HERE! When the page loads you can click the green arrow to vote up and the red arrow to vote down on each artist and you can also click on the artist name to watch the music video or listen to the song! It’s just that easy! We have already submitted our votes for this week! We are definitely looking forward to the next round and with your help the new list will be epic of course!

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