Monica the Great Interview

Written by on April 22, 2024

Monica the Great: Spinning Poetry into Hip-Hop and Empowering Women in Music

In a recent interview with Drop host LaMolly on Super Soni*Dos, Monica the Great shared her inspiring journey through the music industry. From her roots in poetry to her emergence as a force in Hip-Hop, Monica’s story is one of creative evolution and empowerment. Delving into her musical origins, aspirations, and her mission to empower women through her art, Monica shared insights that shed light on her impactful presence in the industry.

Monica’s path to music began as a poet, but it was her experimentation with blending spoken word with beats that marked her transition into the world of Hip-Hop. Influenced by her upbringing in church choirs and a childhood steeped in music, Monica seamlessly merges her poetic prowess with captivating rhythms to craft music that deeply resonates with her audience.

Beyond creating captivating melodies, Monica is on a mission to address the lack of representation in the music industry, particularly for first-generation Latinas like herself. Through her music, she aims to connect with listeners who share similar backgrounds and struggles, celebrating identity and resilience. From her humble beginnings to her involvement in initiatives like the “Sorry Papi” tour, Monica’s journey exemplifies the power of passion and persistence in shaping a meaningful career in music.

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