Black History Month – Ronald S. Demon

Written by on February 7, 2022

Ronald S. Demon: Athletic Show Cushion Support

Ronald S. Demon invented an athletic shoe whose cushion support automatically adjusts to suit not only the shape of the wearer’s feet but also the manner in which the shoe is being used at any given time. While in high school, he bought a pair of the first Reebok pumps. He was quickly disillusioned as he found that “the pump” involved more effort and was less effective than he had hoped. He then decided to build a better model himself. Demon’s shoe had a number of separate but interconnected pockets, or bladders, filled with a shock-absorbent fluid. Using his computer skills, he then wired sensors from each of the bladders into a computer chip. Demon programmed the chip to regulate the flow of fluid among the bladders through tiny valves, according to the amount and position of force applied by the feet while the shoes were being worn. 1998, he secured U.S. patent for his “Shoe Sole with an Adjustable Support Pattern” and later VectraSense Technologies brought his Smart Shoes to market.

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