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Super Sonido is unique in that it is so much more than the music! It is the experience. I play the music that combines traditional Latinx

Super Sonido started about 4 years ago as a latinx podcast. Just me sitting on my living room floor hunched over my computer. I had no equipment and had to teach myself everything but I had a lot of support. My goal all along was to get the show on KUVO, the podcast was really just a means to that end, and in august two years ago, due in large part to the help of Debra Gallegos and Yolanda Ortega, Super Sonido premiered on KUVO JAZZ and now also plays Sunday’s on THE DROP!

Latin x Latin Soul La Molly

Super Sonido is unique in that it is so much more than the music, it is the experience. I play the music that combines traditional Latin sounds with more modern ones, mirroring the experience of our modern world. Every day we work out how to navigate technology and tradition and how the intersection of those two things affect our identities. I try to include the history of the latin soul music I play because I think it can help us better understand not only the music itself but where we stand.

“I grew up feeling very rootless. I grew up in a multicultural home, except my father assimilated for survival’s sake so growing up I was very confused. I looked like no one who grew up like me and grew up like no one who looked like me. I had no real connection to my culture and so I had to create it for myself. As a young adult, I found the roots I needed in latin soul music. There are foundational albums for me that really changed my life because for once I felt seen, I felt understood, and I felt validated. I wanted to create a show that gave that to other people, and while I play music with Latinx roots I think that anyone can relate to that confusion, that loss. We all have lost something to time, whether that’s our land, our tradition, our language, and so on. My hope with Super Sonido is to give people what music has given me.”

Bomba Estero’s Blow Up was the first time I felt like I made sense. Chicano Batman has this way of writing songs about women that allow us space for all the strength and vulnerability we contain. Chancha Via Circuito’s music makes me feel connected to the earth, its heartbeat lives inside of me lives inside of his songs.—La Molly

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A powerhouse that commands attention and inspires many with her energetic, uplifting, fun-loving personality with a deep passion for music, culture, fashion, travel, and great food- specifically desserts!

A native of Colorado and raised in Montbello, Maleman grew up loving to listen to radio. So much so, he’s a MSU Denver Grad of broadcasting. Inspired by Sway Calloway and Big Tigger, Maleman found his love for Hip Hop and Urban music.

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