Balenciaga released $1,850 shoes that look…destroyed?

Written by on July 8, 2022

Credit: Balenciaga

So you’re telling me all I have to do is grab those shoes from the trashcan that are torn up and stained to be ‘fashionable’? HA!

In May 2022, Balenciaga dropped their latest shoe line called the ‘Paris Sneaker’. According to Balenciaga, Only 100 pairs of the “extremely wrecked” sneakers, priced at $1,850, were to be sold. The non-limited edition, less-bruised sneakers, range in price from $495 to $625, depending on the design, on the Balenciaga website.



Paris High Top Sneaker in black destroyed cotton and white rubber Credit: Balenciaga

People have been having mixed reactions to this launch, figuring out if maybe it has a deeper meaning, if they’re trolling or what they were thinking with this? Some think it’s a message to combat the fast-fashion industry and consumerism because the shoes are “meant to be worn a lifetime”, but if that’s the case, can’t we just find a nice pair of converse and beat them up a bit to make the same point? Amerykah Jones touched on this on the air on Thursday, June 7. What do y’all think of all this? Let us know! 303.893.3767

Featured Image: Balenciaga Website


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